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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Motor Cycle Jacket Fully Restored

This jacket was brought to me in very bad condition. The leather was stiff and cracking. The lining was completely destroyed. All of the zippers and some of the snaps were broken. To be honest, I wasn't sure how successful I would be in bringing this jacket back to wearable condition. After confering with the customer, we decided to go forward.

First thing I had to do was soften the leather. This process puts the natural oils back into the jacket and took over a week of daily reapplying the oils. After this was accomplished I cleaned it. At this point, it was clear in certain areas of the jacket that the leather would have to be replaced. After discussing things over with my leather alteration expert, I had her replace the collar and lapels, the pieces inside of the sleeve zippers and create a piece that would cover the back shoulders of the jacket. Once all that was done, she went about remaking the whole inner lining. When I got it back after all the alterations were done, I was greatly encouraged and felt more confident that this jacket was coming back to life.
Now it was time to redye and recondition the leather. The leather because of it age took several treatments.
 See where we replaced the back shoulder piece. And then after it was redyed. I think it turned out very nice.  

This is the inside lining after it was remade. 

See how nice the collar turned out.

Finally, the end result.

After I shipped it back to the customer, she called to say how thrilled she was with the results. I must say I was too.