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Monday, January 31, 2011

Wilson Leather Jacket

This Wilson suede jacket was brought to me after it was cleaned by another dry cleaners. The customer was very upset because after it was cleaned the color and finish was faded out. The customer heard of my expertise in leather care, so they came by and asked if I could redye it the way it was. I looked it over and said no problem.

It was obvious to me that the previous cleaner had no experience in cleaning leather properly. This is a common mistake by dry cleaners who think that leather can be treated the same as fabric. Leather can be dry cleaned so long as the proper additives and treatments are used. But that is only half the job. The other half is where the leather oils and dyes are reapplied so that the finish is a "like new" look.
As you can see here in this closeup of the collar, the color is faded out and if you could feel the suede, it was dried out and hard to the touch.

This is a result of the oils being removed in the cleaning process by the previous cleaner. If properly treated after cleaning, the leather would have been redyed and the oils put back. Water repellent can also be applied to the suede to protect it from future liquid stains or rain damage.

 Below are pictures after I redyed and properly finished the jacket.

These closeups show how much better the dyes look and if you could feel the jacket you would notice the softness is back.

The lesson is -
Never take your suede and leather to someone who is not a leather and suede specialist.


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