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Friday, May 6, 2011

Gucci Purse Redyed

This all leather white Gucci purse was brought to us recently to have cleaned. The customer used the purse a lot and it was very dirty. After discussing our restoration process with her, she realized that we not only could clean the purse, but we could change the color as well. She decided to have the purse dyed black so the dirt would not show as easily. 

The straps were the dirtiest part. Because the leather was made soft and 
flexible it required a lot of detail work to get into all the creases. 

Here's a picture of the top inside before cleaning.

Below is a closeup shot of the bottom before cleaning. 

The redying went well. In fact it was so black that it's hard to see the detail in this picture.

This is a better closeup of the straps.

Below is the top inside after dying.

This is a good picture of the detail of the leather and how well the dyeing process looked. You would never know that this purse used to be white. The customer was very pleased.