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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tan Leather Sport Coat Redyed White

Customers often ask us if we can change the color of their leather jackets. The answer is most of the time we can with out any problem. Sometimes the original leather is treated with a coating that makes redyeing difficult. But in this case we had no problem. 
This leather sport coat was tan and our customer wanted it changed to white.

                                 Front of jacket before-                                               

                                   Back of jacket before-

Most redyeing requires that the original finish be removed first. We do this in the cleaning process. After that is done, it is pressed back into shape. Now it is ready for the new dye to be applied. 

                                         Front of jacket after redyeing-                                                                

                                         Back of jacket after redyeing-

Close up of front collar and lapel area after redyeing-

                                    Closeup of back collar and shoulder area after redyeing-
 We are often asked will the dye last? The answer is it will wear like the original dye. If you rub your elbows or any area a lot. The dye will come off. But this is the same thing that happens to the original dye. We can always touch up the wear areas as they happen.
This is the great thing with leather, if you take care of it and have it regularly cleaned and dyed, it will have that new look for a long time.