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Friday, January 27, 2012

Etienne Aigner Leather Boots Cleaned and Restored

This pair of Aigner leather boots was covered with mildew. They had been left in a damp basement. This would not happen if stored in a climate controlled area. Humid, damp areas like a basement are not good for storing leather or suede.

                                           Before - 

Mildew and molds are fungi, which are simple microscopic organisms. Before cleaning the boots, they must be treated with a disinfectant to kill these organisms. Then I proceed to treat the leather with leather cleansers and oils to restore it's "like new" condition. Take a look at the results below.
                                           After -

There were some places on the boots where the fungi had deeply stained the leather. Therefore, I did have to redye these areas to match the original color.

                                                    After -

 These boots had sentimental value so the customer was very excited with the results. 

                                          After - 

If you have any leather items that have been improperly stored and you wish to wear them again, we can usually restore them. There is hope at American Cleaners even if you are not in the Charlotte NC area. 

Customers can send us their leathers by mail or postal carrier to:

 American Dry Cleaners
Attn: Larry Hill
1806 N. Graham St. 
Charlotte, NC 28206

 Service usually completed within 2 to 3 weeks.