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Monday, April 30, 2012

B. Makowsky purse restoration

 This B. Makowsky leather purse came to me faded and worn with the customer's hope that I could give it a second chance of renewed use. 

The purse had several stains on it and the color was faded where the customer had attempted to clean it.

Up close you can see just how washed out the color was.

The leather was still in good shape. It just needed a good cleaning and redyeing.

After I cleaned and redyed the purse you can see how vivid the color was restored. 

The stains were removed and the natural oils replaced.

I polished each metal accessory. 

The little details of the purse came back to life.

I restore each purse with attention to detail. Each one is finished by hand. 
The dyes are blended to match the original color as best as possible. 
Leather purses should be cleaned yearly to maintain their condition and color. 

If you are interested in restoring a leather or suede purse, handbag or briefcase,
 send an e-mail and I will give an estimate of the cost.