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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coach Purse Cleaned and Restored

This Coach purse was brought to me for cleaning and restoration. 
Although it wasn't leather the customer had seen our work and thought we might be able to restore it.
We clean all types of material and leather, so I was ready for the challenge.

As you can see this purse was in very bad condition and needed 
something next to a miracle to get back into usable condition.

I wasn't for certain that all the stains would come out. 
Sometimes the ground in stains can be very stubborn to remove completely.
After the cleaning, I was pleased with the result. The purse's color was brought back. 

Everyone that saw the purse before couldn't believe how good it turned out. 

With all the hard work that goes into restoring purses,
It's very satisfying for me see a customer happy with the work I do.

I receive purses from all over the continental U.S. 
E-mail me at
Please include pictures of items you want me to restore.

American Dry Cleaners
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Charlotte, NC 28206