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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coach Leather Purse Restored

This leather Coach purse was brought to me to be cleaned.
The customer had spilled oil based lotion in the purse,
which had soaked through the skin leaving a dark area on the outside.

The issue with oily type stains is that they tend to permanently darken the leather. 
These areas don't match the rest of the leather even after cleaning and will need to be re-dyed.

After cleaning, the leather had changed and the area did not match.
So we chose to re-dye the purse. 
The customer had given me freedom to pick a shade of brown that I thought looked good. 
So I hand blended a shade a little different from the original. 

She liked it. It gave her the feeling of having a new purse. 

I was happy to have another satisfied customer.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tory Burch leather purse restored

This Tory Burch leather purse had stains and lost loss of color form wear. 
It also had places were dye had transferred from the rubbing against the customers clothing.
A very common problem with purses when using them while wearing new jeans. 
Jean dye is very unstable and transfers very easily. 

Here's the back and you can notice the slightly blue dye that has transferred 
from a pair of new jeans that the customer wore.

This closeup allows for a better look.

I cleaned and redyed the purse to it's original color. The Tori Burch logo on this purse was inlaid with leather and had to be delicately hand painted to match the rest of the purse.

The back where the blue dye had transferred was like new and refinished. 

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