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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lamb Purse by Gwen Stefani Restoration

 I received this Lamb purse by Gwen Stefani from one of my many mail-in customers. 
The leather was in good shape but the color needed to be restored. 

The metallic silver was worn and coming off in some areas, especially the edges.

Here's close up of the side. Which wasn't as bad as the edges of the purse.

The bottom of the purse showed the usual wear and needed to be freshened up.

Below is a close-up.

The handles showed the most wear. 
Hand oils and constant rubbing cause the color to flake off.

Below is the top of the handles. 
Unique design with the zipper on the handle.

Even though there weren't a lot of visible stains, I still needed to clean it to remove oils 
and soil that would prevent the new color from properly adhering to the leather.

 The finished purse had it's bling back.

The sides and bottom sparkle again.

Close up of the side.

The handles re-dyed and refinished like new.

I put a protective clear coating on all leather after re-dyeing.

When I e-mailed the final pictures to the customer, 
she replied that "the purse looks great".

I put a lot of work into restoring purses and it is very satisfying to please the customer.

If you have a purse or handbag that is worn.
This process greatly extends the use of designer purses. 
As long as the leather is not beyond repair, I can
recondition, re-dye and restore them.

Contact me at:

Michael Kor Purse Restoration

 This Michael Kor purse was recently brought to American Dry Cleaners in bad need of restoration.  

The edges were worn.

Color was gone in areas. 

Oily stains were all over the front,

and the back.

After cleaning and redyeing, the oily stains came out.

The edges were restored with new color.

Bringing back the "like new" look.

Below you can see how refreshed this purse has become.

From front to back.

Another pleased customer. In fact, we "wowed" them. 

If you have a purse that is need of restoration, please e-mail
Include photo's with your inquiry. 

Most work is done within 2 - 3 weeks.