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Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Chanel Purse Dyed Black

After seeing my post of where I had re-dyed a leather jacket from tan to white, a customer wondered if I could change her white leather Chanel purse to black. Once I looked it over, I felt the purse would dye well. However, I was concerned about the leather intertwined within the chain link strap. I knew it would be extremely time consuming and meticulous to dye this part of the purse, but if she would be patient and give me the time, I was up to the challenge.

She chose to go with the color black so the purse wouldn't show stains as bad.

 You can see several areas were extremely worn and stained. 

The inside had two areas. 

The outer flap had a zipper compartment with the chain running through it,
which had stained the inner flap.

Below are the pictures of the cleaned and re-dyed purse. 


Notice the leather work woven in the chain. After it was dyed black, it presented a more formal look and accentuated the chain as well as the leather.  


Outer flap 

We decided to keep inside of the purse white. Everything else was to be black.

 Inner flap

The work I did on this purse changed it from something possibly ready to discard into something ready to go back out on the town.

Do you have a purse that needs a new look? 
I can help.


  1. Leather dye is very nice idea to make ur leather purse and other product shiny and give beautiful appearance.

    Leather Repairs....

  2. I have a beige chanel purse that I need to have dyed, but I've been terrified to do anything with it. What would you suggest? I'm sure you aren't in my town, so was there a certain process or anything specific you did?? Thanks!!

    1. E-mail pictures of your purse to
      I'll give you an estimate after I look at the purse.
      Thanks, Larry

  3. How did you dye the leather inside the chain? It looks great!

    1. The process was very meticulous. I did small sections at a time until it was completed.

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  5. Thanks for sharing. I have two Chanel Purses one in white and other in black color. The white one has got strained at some areas. I am planning to DIY it in brown. Please share your DIY process.

  6. I have a light blue Chanel Camera bag and
    a black & white bag that needs to be dyed.
    How can I sent the pics to you?

  7. I have a beige chanel bowler bag. It's calfskin. Is there any place to bye the chanel beige dye for touchuos

  8. Sorry, I don't recommend home leather dye products. The products I use come directly from the manufacturer and are only for professional use.

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  22. After reading this blog about the Chanel purse restoration it gives me some hope. I have a 16 year old Louis Vuitton Alma handbag, which is in need of some restoration. The bottom of the bag has a black stain on it. I just sent you pictures via email about it. I hope your able to take this project on!