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Monday, January 28, 2013

Off White Coach Purse Restored

I received this purse from a lady who had tried to remove a spot using rubbing alcohol. She soon discovered that where she was rubbing became dark and discolored.

When I saw the damaged area I knew exactly what happened. She had removed the leather color and finish. Solvents such as alcohol will do this.

The dark area is where the unfinished leather is starting to show through. Below is the other side of the purse. It was ok, but could use some refinishing to brighten it up.

I told her that the purse wasn't ruined and that it could be refinished and the color restored.

Below are the pictures of the restored purse.

Not only did I repair the area where the damage was I went over the entire purse to give it that "like new" look.

I take care to refinish the whole purse. My process is meticulous with attention to every detail. Not only do I refinish the leather, but I re-polished the buckles and clean the inside.

If you have a purse with stains on it. I don't recommend trying to remove the stains yourself. Leather requires special care. Sometimes the efforts to remove a stain can actually cause more damage if not done correctly.
To inquire and receive a quote, simply e-mail me pictures of the purse:
 I will let you know what can be done and give you an estimate. The process takes about 2 weeks once I receive the purse.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

70's era Coach Briefcase Restored

This 1970's era Coach briefcase had been through a lot. The owner told me that her husband was getting ready to use it as a tool bag. Before she would let that happen, she contacted me to see if I could restore it. It looked like the leather was worn but not damaged beyond repair. I was confident it could be restored.

Most of the problem was discoloration from use. 
The flap was darkened from years of handling. 
Also, the finish had been heavily scratched and worn.

A good cleaning and reconditioning would prepare the leather for a new color and finish.

The back leather was also darkened due to years of handling.

Closeup of the back corner before cleaning.

Below are the pictures after redyeing and refinishing the briefcase. 

When the customer saw the pictures, she remarked, "I never figured it would turn out this good".

Closeup of the front buckle.

It did turn out very well. The leather came back to "like new" condition.
This is a closeup of the front corner.

The back, once very dark from use, now looked unused.

This is a close up of the back corner.

This briefcase once ready to be turned into a tool bag was now restored and ready for the office.

Each piece is individually priced.
e-mail pictures to receive an estimate.
Work usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete. 

Mail to:

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