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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yale Varsity Jacket restored

This Yale jacket is about 40 plus years old.
The finish on the sleeves was almost completely gone.

The original color was gray, but at first I thought the sleeves were cream
 because so much of the color had worn off only the raw leather was left. 

 The skin was very thin. In some places it was starting to tear.

The challenge was can I refinish this leather and make the coat wearable again.
The customer had a lot of memories in this jacket and wanted to save it.

After cleaning I soon realized that it would be better to replace the leather instead of refinishing it. So I contacted the customer to get his approval and proceed.
Below pictures are after the sleeves were replaced.

My leather seamstress is one of the best.
She cut out the leather for the sleeves then she sent it to me to put the leather finish on and paint it.

The leather pieces were assembled by her and the sleeves complete.
 Even knowing how good her work is, I was impressed.

The sleeves looked as if they were done at the factory.
My final work was to re-paint the trim around the pockets and treat the leather with a clear sealant to protect against stains.

This jacket turned out very nice. It's now ready for the next 40 years.
I clean and restore all types of leather items.
Estimates available upon request.
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