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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tory Burch Purse Restored

This Tory Burch leather purse was mailed to me from Florida.
 It was worn and needed a cleaning and redyeing.

Here is the front and back before restoration.

The edges were ruffed up and soiled.

Although soiled the leather had not worn thin as is common with alot of older purses.
I knew it would clean up and redye beautifully.

The straps were starting to ravel on the edges. There were ink marks and stains.

Here is a closeup of the straps where the glazing was coming off.

Below are the finish results after cleaning and redyeing.

Yellow is one of the most popular colors. I was able to match it with no problem.

Here's is a good shot of how well the edges looked after refinishing.

The straps cleaned up well and I was able to repair the loose glazing.

One last picture before I ship it back home to Florida. 

Contact me at:

Estimates will be provided once I see pictures of your purse.
The process takes 1 - 2 weeks.

American Cleaners
1806 N. Graham St.
Charlotte NC 28206

Est. 1921 


  1. This is marvelous. The color is superb. I searched in so many websites even in the market but did not get any unique purse. I have many tory burch purses but this is something that forcing me to buy more.

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  15. WOW! In the Before pictures, I thought it was just a very dingy, plain yellow bag. I didn’t even realize it had the T’s all over it until I saw the After pics! Amazing work!