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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Briefcase Restored

This briefcase belong to the founder of a company who was retiring.
The company wanted to honor him and put it on display.
They contacted me to restore it. The briefcase was in fairly bad shape.

The deep scares in the leather were my biggest concern.

I knew I could recondition and re-dye the leather,
but I wasn't sure how visible the deep cuts would look afterwards.

The latches were tarnished and needed polishing.

The handle and lock were in need of a lot of care.

Below are the pictures after I finished the work.

I was very pleased with the result.

It took several applications of new color.

I applied a clear coat to restore the shine and give added protection to the color.
Below is a picture of the back.
The handle and lock turned out very well.

This particular restoration job took a month to complete.
The process usually takes 1-2 weeks.
This one took longer because of the condition of the leather.

It goes to show that if you allow enough time, you can get very good results.
Leather restoration takes time and shouldn't be rushed.
To receive an estimate please send pictures of what you would like restored.
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