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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kate Spade Handbag Restoration

I received this Kate Spade handbag from a customer in Florida. 
It was in need of complete restoration.

A close up of each side reveals several worn areas.


The every side had several stains and overall wear.

Here a closeup of some of the stains, which has caused discoloration.

A closer look at one of the damaged corners.

I cleaned and reconditioned the leather. Then blended the dye to match the original color. 
I then meticulously re-colored the whole handbag.
Below are the after photos.

The corners were restored to "like new" condition.

Over time leather will dry out and become stiff. I reconditioned it back to a softer feel. 

The backside after restoration.

Finally, the front side fully restored.

Designer purses and handbags are fashionable and expensive.
My restoration work provides value by extending the useful life of these items.