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Friday, August 23, 2013

Restoration of 70's era Coach Briefcase

Here is a good example of my leather restoration work.
 A nice 70's era Coach leather briefcase that had seen alot of use.
There is no sense in discarding old leather briefcases like this when they're worn.
With a some work they can be restored back to "like new condition".

The edges were very worn, but the leather wasn't damaged beyond repair.

Surface scratches as long as they are not too deep will cover up fine after re-dyeing.

Underneath the flap you can see where the sun had faded out the color.

Below are the pictures after restoration.
The edges reconditioned well and there is no notice of the previous wear.
The leather regained that soft feel and finished nicely.
You could no longer tell that this briefcase was around 40 years old.

Here under the flap shows how well the inside restored.

To receive an estimate to have your leather briefcase restored,
 please e-mail me with pictures at:
The process takes about 2 weeks to complete.
 PayPal is used for payment.
Mail items to:
American Cleaners
1806 N. Graham St.
Charlotte, NC 28206