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Monday, October 7, 2013

Michael Kors Handbag Restoration

This Michael Kors handbag was mailed in with extensive staining all over. 
The customer really liked the bag and wanted me to restore it to usable condition.

 The handbag was an ideal candidate for restoration. 
Other than the stains, the leather was not cracked or damaged .

Here's the back side of the handbag.

The stains on the corners looked bad, 
but I knew they can be corrected with the proper cleaning,
reconditioning and re-dyeing of the leather.

Both sides were heavily stained.

The inside leather was also very soiled but the lining was fine. 

Below are the pictures after I completed the restoration.

Close up of the front.

The back side.

 All the stains are now gone.

 The leather is re-dyed and back to "like new condition".

I also removed the stains on the inside.

This handbag is ready to take out on the town.

The cost to replace this handbag with a new one would be around $400.00, 
but I was able to restore it for a fraction of that.

When I hear that someone discarded an expensive purse or handbag 
because it was dirty, worn or old looking, I say think about having it restored instead. 
It is better than the cost of  buying a new one.

Please e-mail pictures for an estimate to:

American Cleaners
1806 N. Graham St.
Charlotte NC 28206


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  15. Can a Michael Kirstie bag be dyed a different color??

  16. I would need to see a picture of it in order to tell if it can be recolored.

  17. Do you still re-dye or re-color pocketbooks? I have a Michael Kors bag that has faded/color worn off that I would like re-dyed. Thanks