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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tommy Hilfiger Jacket Cleaned and Restored

This Tommy Hilfiger leather jacket was brought to me 
to clean and restore after a mishap at a local restaurant.

Tommy Hilfiger Jacket

The stain was caused from food grease spilled on front of jacket.

Close up of stained area

 There were also a couple small stains on one of the sleeves.

Close up of left sleeve

I cleaned, reconditioned and touched up the color of the leather.

Jacket after cleaning

After the restoration process the stain was gone.

Close up of previously stained area

All the stains were removed even on the sleeves.

              Left sleeve after cleaning

I clean and restore all types of leather and suede. 
For estimates send pictures to:

The process takes about 2 weeks and we receive items from all over the United States.

Mail to:

American Cleaners
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Charlotte NC 28206