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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vera Pelle Purse Restored

This Vera Pelle purse was mailed in heavily stained 
with the worst stain on the back
 which had soaked through the leather.

It is the customers favorite purse, 
so she contacted me to see if I could restore it. 
 I felt this purse would respond well to my restoration techniques. 

Notice the deeply stained back.

I cleaned, reconditioned the purse, which removed most of the stain. 
Then I applied the new color until the whole purse was restored to "like new" condition. 

Here's the refinished front of the purse.

The inside flap area.

And finally the back area where the worst of the stain was located.
The customer was very pleased with the result 
and looked forward to using her purse again.

If you have a leather purse that has gotten stained from use. 
You don't have to discard it.
I can restore most back to "like new" condition.

Send pictures to:

I'll reply with an estimate to restore.

Mail items to:

American Cleaners
1806 N. Graham St.
Charlotte NC 28206