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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Michael Kors Handbag Restored

Below is a Michael Kors Handbag that I restored.

Front of handbag                                                                           Close up of front

It had a very bad ink stain on the back at the bottom of the handbag.

Back of handbag                                                                           Close up of ink stain

I was able to remove most of the ink and then recolor the handbag back to it's original color.

Front after restoration

Close up of front

Back of handbag after restoration

The process took longer than expected to achieve these results. 
The customer was very patient because it was one of her favorite handbags. 
The normal process time is about 2 weeks. This one took twice that.

Contact info:

American Cleaners
1806 N. Graham St.
Charlotte NC 28206